Testimonies from HiBurn8 Users :

Cindy H. writes: 
"I take 1 tablespoon about an hour before I really want to go to sleep...and I am so ready by the time 60 minutes goes by. There is no hyper or fidgets....just easy sleep ... and I wake up ready to go...no sluggishness... Feel relaxed and even better from having a good night sleep...don't wake up anymore 2-3x at night..."

Carol B. writes:
"The best sleep I have had in years!!"
Thomas K. writes:
"I been sleeping the best I ever have with HiBurn8. I don't lay in bed for hours. Now its maybe a few minutes then I am sleeping. It worked for me the first night."

Tony A. writes:
 "Love it. Been using HiBurn8 for a week. Used to sleep 9 hours a night, now up after 7. Lots of free time added to my life!"